April 17, 2013

pretty fluff

Lately I feel like this blog has contained more of the "heavier" things in life- which is not bad by any means- but for my sake, I wanted to take a break and look at some "pretty fluff" which of course meant I headed to Ruche. Here are some of my favorites:

Ruche love 2
Ruche love 2 by bwolfgramm 

*this is by no means a "sponsored post"- heavens! No one reads this blog let alone a company like Ruche reaching out to me is obsurd... because I've never bought anything from there. Maybe one day... les sigh.

April 15, 2013


nine months ago there was a shooting in a movie theater.
four months ago there was a shooting at an elementary school.
and now this:
my heart breaks all over again each time I re-watch this clip or I think back to those horrific shootings.
there's so much evil in this world
and yet there is so much goodness.
in fact, I believe that there is more good than evil.
did you see it in the video?
goodness is all around.
the helpers, the sacrificers, the do-gooders, the heroes.

prayers for boston, their families, the country, and the world.
we were all affected today.

April 13, 2013


today I am acutely aware that blessings, angels, and miracles exist; both seen and unseen.
 and although this picture has nothing to do with this post directly,
it reminds me to appreciate seek out the small things that make our spirits smile.

happy weekend.
{image via here}

April 08, 2013

back in October I watched General Conference when this announcement was made
 and one month later, this happened- ugly cry and all.
It has now been close to 5 months since I opened my mission call.
I thought this day would take forever to get here 
but it's flown by.
I have 15 days until I report to the MTC
and after that I'm on to serve the people of Brazil for 18 months.
My heart is full in every sense of the word.
 If you want to know my story
as to why I'm serving a mission,
don't hesistate to e-mail me!
Seriously, I'm an open book.
*big thanks to Lauren for 
recording me opening my call.
*the poem I read before opening
my mission call is called
"Fellowship of the Unashamed" 
and can be found online in many places
but if you want the version I read,
feel free to e-mail me.